Certification of Proficiency

Unlike traditional certification in psychological instruments, certification in Organizational Engineering does not center on the interpretation of the instrument itself. Rather, it is focused on the interaction of multiple instruments within groups.

Certification of Organizational Engineering

All levels of certification require formal training. The Organizational Engineering Institute periodically offers formal training through seminars conducted in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. Attending the classroom seminar satisfies the requirement for formal training. "I Opt" also has an E-Certification seminar available in narrated PowerPoint format. The program is new and is being revised frequently. However, the basic structure of the e-certification can be reviewed by clicking this hyperlink for the E-Certification Program. Three levels of certification are recognized.

The maintenance of certified status requires that the individual practice the discipline on an ongoing basis as testified to by citation of specific application(s). Knowledge maintenance by seminar attendance or completion of approved distance learning course work at least once every three years is also required.

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