The E-Certification program is designed to provide a fundemental command of "I Opt" technology. It consists of apprroximately 5 hours of narrated PowerPoint based instruction divided into 5 sections.

Certification of Organizational Engineering

The candidate is given pre-work that orients them to the basic "I Opt" reports. These help familiarize the candate with with the various options in a context win which they have immediate interest and reference--themselves.

The candidate is then provided the PowerPoint based lessons one at a time. At the end of each lesson, telephone conversations with the "I Opt" representative charged with monitoring progress. The conversation insure that the candidate has full command of the subject. The candidate also has the opportunity to resolve any outstanding questions and obtain any elaborations that they may wish to explore.

In the case of international candidates where time zone differences make telephone conversations impractical, emails are used in place of the telephone.

The combination of narrated lessons and personal interaction insure that the e-certified candidate if fully equipped to conduct debriefings and training sessions. At the conclusion of the course a Level 1 Certification certificate is issued.

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