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Official Name of firm: Professional Communications, Inc.
Also does business as:
I Opt® : Registered trademark owned by Professional Communications, Inc.

Incorporation: State of Michigan, January 1991. Shareholders: 4

Office Location and Contact information Professional Communications, Inc. 101 Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Voice: 734-662-0250
FAX: 734-662-0838
Email: and

Affiliated Non-Profit: Organizational Engineering Institute, Inc. (est. 1992)
Offers technically oriented information


Gary Salton

Gary J. Salton, Ph.D., Chief: R&D

Dr. Gary Salton founded Professional Communications Inc. in 1991. Dr. Salton holds the position of Chief: Research & Development and CEO.

Dr. Salton holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, a Master of Arts in Economics and a Master of Business Administration. Dr. Salton has published in the fields of organizational development, human resources, finance, real estate, systems, taxation and operations research.

Prior to starting Professional Communications Inc., Dr. Salton has held managerial and senior executive posts in investment banking, real estate and automotive industries. His last position in corporate America was as Sr. Vice President, Chief Planning Officer, and Corporate Controller of a major commercial real estate firm.

Shannon Nelson

Shannon C. Nelson, CEO

Shannon Nelson joined Professional Communications Inc. in 1999 and holds the position of Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining the firm Ms. Nelson held various managerial positions in the retail industry. In her current capacity Ms. Nelson is responsible for establishing strategic direction, organizing internal and external human capabilities, exercising leadership in motivating and directing initiatives and acting to insure the financial health of the firm.

Esther Wells

Chloe (aka OE) Harper, Corporate Mascot and Aspiring Chief Scientist/Engineer

Chloe has "worked" at Professional Communications since she was 6 weeks old. She is currently "working" part time as she attends school. Her current responsibilities are to inspire, motivate and stimulate new insights as expressed by her interests and behavior.

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Professional Communications, Inc. is a research and development firm. The firm's interest centers on analyzing, evaluating and predicting the behavior of groups of people functioning in organized, goal directed environments.

Dr. Salton’s research has lead to the creation of “I Opt” Technology. This is an interrelated group of methods, mathematical algorithms and techniques. The technology is structured so that analysis can be conducted entirely by a computer without the need for interviews or interpretation. A wide variety of proprietary products have been created using this technology.

Dr. Salton has carried his research into broader areas of human social behavior. He has and is codifying this research under the name of Organizational Engineering. This body of research combines “I Opt” technology. Sociology and human information processing to address areas such as Learning Theory, corporate culture and other broader areas of human behavior. The products of Dr. Salton’s Organizational Engineering research can be found in his books, articles and in his Research Blog.

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