"So You're A" Booklets

Flexing your Strategic Style

The "So You're An" booklets are manuals to help a person to temporarily alter their strategic style. The knowledge positions a person to more effectively address a specific issue, project or task that they confront.

There is no intent to change an individua's underlying style. All styles are "good" and the person is using it because it fits their life circumstances. Situations do arise, however, that are not well suited to this basic approach. In those cases, the booklet provides skills and tools that can be called upon to address it. When the situation passes, the tools can be returned to the individuals "toolbox" to be withdrawn again if ever needed.

The booklets accomplish their purpose by using an emulation strategy. This strategy teaches a person how to simulate those parts of other strategies that are relevant to the particular job at hand. In other words, it is not necessary to adopt an entirely new strategy. The person only needs to acquire skills to emulate (i.e., simulate or imitate) those portions of that other strategy that are relevant to the particular job at hand.

The booklets provide an overview of the personís own style to act as a framework. It then goes on to provide specific directions on how a person coming out of that framework can simulate the behavioral characteristics of each of the other three strategic styles.

There is a special booklet for each of the four basic styles. The booklets are brief (about 8 pages) and are written in an "easy to understand" language.


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