War Stories - I opt

Click on the story you want hear. They are all true and illustrate the many dimensions of “I Opt” technology. If you would like to contribute a story (with or without attribution) please call PCI. We are always interested in real applications.

Backroom Teams
A bank asks its IT group to give it a competitive advantage in the backroom. Initial success was astounding. What followed was not.
Keywords: Banking, IT, innovation, RI, Flexing
People Mixing
An R&D group at a major food company decides to refill their inventory of initiatives. Things go great except that they forget one thing.
Keywords: Food, R&D, innovation, ideas, LP
Big Teams
A 25-person team attempted to design a program for a large telecommunications company. Six months of effort produced nothing. One change and things began to move fast.
Keywords: Telephone, HA, subteams, excess horsepower, ratification strategy
Team Dealmaking
An oil company was having problems in a remote location. Nothing worked until the consultant used “I Opt” to show them what was happening. Then they fixed it themselves.
Keywords: Oil, performance, subsidiary, trading resources, self-designed solutions
The Meeting Room
A young consultant was having a problem getting cooperation from some grizzled old-timers at a processing plant in the lower mid-west. He made a phone call and solved the problem.
Keywords: Processing plant, factory workers, young consultant, BoardRoom
The Honest Broker
A chemical firm’s CEO was having problems getting things done. He always seemed to be involved in mediating. This was not a problem except it left him no time to do his own job.
Keywords: Chemical, CEO, Sr. Executive Team, resolution protocol
Managing Perfection
An engineering team was charged with designing new power train components. They designed, and designed, and designed until the consultant figured out a simple strategy to a conclusion.
Keywords: Engineering, ,HA, meetings, presentations.
Unorthodox Strategies
A large health insurance company in the Northeast was having seious problems. The consultant used “I Opt” to show the executive what was happening. She then took matters in her own hands.
Keywords: Health Insurance, Leadership, RS, LP
Making "it" real
A Professor teaching an Organizational Behavior course designs teams to fail. He then uses the experience to demonstrate that it had nothing to do with the people, just how they were organized.
Keywords: University of Michigan-Dearborn, course, engineers, team design, students
The Power of a Name
A team at a metal plant in the Midwest was missing a key team component. The consultant solved the problem by changing how memos were written.
Keywords: Metal plant, rewards, common destiny, individual vs group, management
Team Sponsorship
A team was getting no where. Everyone ignored them--until the consultant got the executives to accept some responsibility.
Keywords: Plant, Administrative Staffs, Conservators, Manager Access, Plant Manager, sponsor, priorities.
Leveraging Leadership
A new executive joins a firm. He needs to establish his credentials both quickly and broadly. Combining an Army protocol with IOPT technology gives him the tools to do the job and to leave a legacy.
Keywords: Remote locations, Army, leadership transition

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