How Long Does it Last?

I Opt is unique. Many OD interventions produce profound and immediate "feelings" of kinship that last for a few days. "I Opt" produces personal insights and operational knowledge that are durable over long periods of time.

"...people involved in the inital study 5 years earlier will still using the knowledge..."

John Stepanek in his capacity as Director of OD for Tampa Electric wrote an article on a follow-up intervention he conducted at the Polk Power Station (click here to see the full article). He found that the people who had been involved in the initial study 5 years earlier were still using the knowledge on a continuing basis. This result was achieved without any reinforcement over the half-decade that had passed since the intervention.

Larry Burnett was manager of Training and Development at Cummins Engine recorded the same experience in an early Organizational Engineering Newsletter. He found the same durability of the positive results over an 18 month period.

Experienced Organizational Engineers have repeatedly reported that knowledge gained from even a single "I Opt" exposure continues to benefit both the individual and the organization of which he/she is a part over long periods. (Read Larry Burnetts newsletter where Larry reported his results.)

An "I Opt" intervention can realistically be considered an investment that will yield dividends well into the future.

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