Mounted Profiles

Mounted Profiles

Mounted profiles are a useful "take home" for class sessions, teams, departments and other groups. Colored strategic profiles (exactly the same as available in the Consultant Package) are laminated and mounted on foamboard.

Mounted Profiles Image

The base usually incorporates the firm or institution logo is also laminated and mounted on thicker foamboard. A brass pin is inserted through the based and is used to secure the two pieces.

Individual and group profiles are available and are done to scale. This means that individual profiles can be overlaid on the group to see how a person "fits into" the group.

Mounted Profile Instructions


A two page "cheat sheet" that shows how to assemble an "I Opt" profile, what the different colors mean and what the centroid indicates is available.

The sheet also contains ideas on how to deliver the profiles and for activities that might be used. The instructions can be delivered electronically (in Microsoft Word or PDF format) or on paper.

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