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Effectuating excellence in over 20,000 teams in companies domestically and around the world. Our prescriptive approach to teams, leadership and culture has made "I Opt" easy to incorporate into existing programs and for designing new training and development initiatives.

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Over 350 colleges and universities have applied "I Opt" from undergraduates to PhD candidates across all academic disciplines. Widely successful in MBA and Executive Development programs, the value "I Opt" brings to University programs is undeniable.

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Non Profits

Non-profits often confront emotionally charged, complex and often ambiguous situations. Our non-profit clients have found the clarity and transparency of "I Opt" assessments and recommendations to be particularly relevant.

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"I Opt" fits into existing coaching methods and consulting practices. Consultants often use "I Opt" high initial impact to establish credibility. The depth can then be expanded to generate additional analyses applicable to various individual and group dimensions.

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The public sector faces a unique challenge as it cannot use traditional motivational tools to inspire a common purpose. City, state, and federal governments apply "I Opt" to improve functioning both within and between governmental groups.

How it works

"I Opt" technology explains how individual and group behavior can be understood, measured, predicted, and guided with a high degree of accuracy. Its roots are in information processing theory and sociology.

The research behind “I Opt”

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While certification and training is available, we do not require you to undergo expense and lengthy processes to work with us. Let us know what you need and we will get you started that same day.

Quick, 15-minute survey.

"I Opt" stands for Input Output Processing Template. It also means "I Choose" rather than "I Am". The fully-validated "I Opt" survey is comprised of 24 sets of statements designed to capture preferences not capabilities.

Select your reports.

We currently offer 12 different analysis reports that all use the results from completing one "I Opt" survey. No need to complete multiple questionnaires or interviews.

Review and implement.

You do not have to be an expert in electrical engineering to turn on a light. Similarly, it is not necessary to be an expert in "I Opt" to apply it. You need only to familiarize yourself with the results and deploy them to improve upon your situation.

Why “I Opt”?

Fully validated

"I Opt" is the only instrument of its kind that has been fully validated across all eight accepted tests of validity and reliability, including predictive reliability. That means you can use its reports with confidence, and its data to predict how an individual or group is likely to behave.

Sociology based

Organization is by definition a group activity. Sociology is the science of group behavior and is immediately applicable. Other tools may focus on psychological measurement; "I Opt" is a sociological approach. Both views are important but a different lens is needed.

Quick & easy

"I Opt" does not require special training. The survey can be taken in less than 15 minutes. "I Opt" rests on a refined and comprehensive body of knowledge. However, you can start a car without being a mechanic. The resulting analyses are straight forward and easy to implement.

25+ Years in Use

"I Opt" has been used by hundreds of organizations around the world with repeated success for over 25 years. "I Opt" is a trusted and validated tool.

Internationally adopted

"I Opt" has been used in 116 countries from conglomerates to non-profits and educational institutions. Regardless of culture or geography "I Opt" is a successful tool.

Research backed

Using our vast database "I Opt" actively advances knowledge with a continuing stream of academically grounded, fully published research studies. Doctoral dissertations, peer-reviewed research and studies contributed by "I Opt" users are a few examples of applied research.


The insights gained from “I Opt” reports can be used to solve hundreds of problems, here are some common outcomes we see.

Fewer team conflicts

Investing at a team level using "I Opt" reduces stress, improves success and saves the organization money. On average, teams spend roughly 16 hours a week miscommunicating. This results in stress, illness and avoidance for the team members. Project failure rates are roughly 9% for teams. Companies pay team members $18,000 at minimum to experience non-productive conflict.

Stronger leadership communication

Sociology looks at the whole picture. You can invest in becoming a "great leader" but how does your strategy mesh with your followers needs, your own leaders' strategy and the mission of the organization? "I Opt" enables leaders to apply their strategies for wider success.

Better sales performance

Learning your "I Opt" approach to sales will also position you to recognize styles in your clients. Applying this same knowledge to the product you deliver and the customers you tend to attract will narrow your target and allow for a more successful message.

Increased creativity

Once you are aware of the diversity of options available, you can also increase the creative approaches you use. The TeamAnalysis™ provides prescriptive approaches to achieve this for teams and many of our individual based reports show how to leverage this capacity for contributors.

Increased empathy

"I Opt" takes the bias out of assumptions. Understanding that each style has a different set of values allows us to relate to one another better. The Emotional Impact Management report provides specific directions for managing your impact and empathizing with those around you.

Optimized team creation

Specific tools and techniques mean teams can be "engineered" to optimally match the specific objectives targeted. Early knowledge of inherent vulnerabilities provides any new team an opportunity to offset them when possible and heighten strengths as a priority.

Organizational recruiting

Organizational cultures attract talent. Using "I Opt" to insure that those individuals are successfully incorporated into the culture makes for a faster onboarding experience.

Happier culture

Effective team practices and leader communication automatically evolve into cultural norms that tend to permeate the entire work environment. Things get better everywhere.

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Who Uses “I Opt”?

"I Opt gave clarity to our group dynamics that we never expected. Not only did we quickly see why we had friction internally, it almost completely eradicate it. By understanding each others thought process we now appreciate the unique perspective each team member brings to the table."

Ross Johnson Founder, 3.7 Designs

And thousands of happy companies like

  • Shell
  • Praxair
  • Sempra Energy
  • Orbis Inc.
  • Strategic Government Resources
  • University of North Carolina
  • Indiana University
  • USAA

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